Performance Management

Boston National has been prolific in full benefits services for Performance management in improving organizational effectiveness. Working to accomplish organization’s vision and goals.

Boston National Services help you make decisions to run your business, diagnose problems, provide leadership, review results, actualize expectations and set goals. Our team enables you to ensure alignment, define causes of financial performance, tie customer measures to need, employ performance monitoring and management, and understand limits.

We focus on the future more than the past in performance reviews with an emphasis on planning, goal-setting and multiple opportunities for feedback. We use performance reviews as a tool to build trust, open communication and improve supervisor/employee relationships at all levels of the organization.

We commence the process with a thorough understanding of your company’s goals and direction, its vision and strategy, scorecard dimensions, and key performance indicators. Next, we develop organizational and departmental critical success factors and key performance indicators. From there, we design and implement data capture and reporting mechanisms and help you begin balanced scorecard reporting. We also identify target performance levels for each indicator that provide direct and real-time feedback and conduct root-cause analysis on areas that are performing below expectation.

Each level in the organization is accountable for the achievement of their goals by cascading responsibility and accountability, level by level, throughout the organization. The key to this is communications and training that guarantee alignment and control of barriers in organizations that contribute to employee dissatisfaction, are vital to this process.

To reduce potential resistance to change, Boston National Services encourages clients to identify and train performance coaches from within the organization. They, along with top leadership, are pivotal to creating an effective, sustainable performance management system. In other words, the focal point of Performance Management is nothing but a Positive RESULT. A well designed and implemented performance management system will drift attention away from behavior and activities towards results.

The Performance Management Group of Boston National Services is committed to supporting your organization in managing its performance effectively and efficiently. Our time-tested and proven approach to managing corporate performance can be tailor-made to suit the ever-changing need of today’s organizations.