Organization Planning

“Poor Organizational planning is worse than no Organizational planning. It can be an enormous waste of time and money. Or even worse, it can lead to a strategic disaster.” Why not avoid all of this with Boston National Services.

Since 1988, Boston National Services has provided client organizations the tools and leadership acumen required to obtain superior strategic results. We are a full-service benefits company with a strict focus on organization planning services. Our attention allows us to understand the capabilities, unique needs, and resources of different types of organization intimately.

Our professional staff has many years of profound experience in strategic planning and leadership in many organizations. They have used their adeptness to lead thousands of companies nationwide through both successful organization planning and strategy implementation. We guarantee that your strategic plan is turned into action with positive intentions, accountability, control and resource allocation.

Our process has been refined over several years of experience, and hundreds of organizations in Massachusetts have used it. Our professionals not only have superb academic credentials but hands-on experience in senior executive positions. We do not point to you the solution to your problem or the impose strategy for your organization. Instead, we stimulate sound strategic thinking and lead your team along with a logical path that will enable you to divulge and communicate your specific vision and to take guided steps to turn that vision into reality. Given our ability to work across all types of businesses, we can be a powerful ally for accelerating change and mobilizing commitment to successful business improvement and renewal.

Our team-based approach to Organization plan development orchestrates the involvement of your key stakeholders in a way that optimizes your chances for successful plan implementation. And as any executive leader knows, a strategic plan is only as good as your ability to execute it effectively. Our flexibility allows us to design an approach that will suit the operating requirements and constraints of your business.