Insurance Services

With significant change facing the Insurance industry, Boston National Services has a multidisciplinary approach with a specialist in actuarial, risk management, strategy, operations, technology, tax and audit, which can help you to anticipate change and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Over the last 30 years, Boston National loyal clients have confided in her capability. Our experience and commitment to client’s success are unrivaled. We are highly honored to partner with hundreds of companies across Massachusetts, providing a variety of customized and creative solutions. Our exclusive team of consultants, accountants, and insurance specialists have a passion for thinking outside the box and a relentless approach to success. Our real-world approach coupled with proven agency-building experience can help your company soar to new heights.

Boston National is a full-service benefits company that recognizes challenges and opportunities, and we can create the success story to the desired heights for your agency. Our consultants provide technical advice and guidance based on our unparalleled ability to fathom the inner working operations of the agency, alongside results-focused strategic thinking. We take decisive insights by studying your company’s culture and aspirations then capitalizing on the combined strength of your team and technology.

We provide a balance of professional consulting services and technology solutions that will put you on the fast track to gain state approvals. Since 1988, Boston National Service has been prominent and highly acknowledged as one of the best service oriented consulting firms in the industry. We have an active outsourcing model that all our clients connect to. We understand the competitive mindset of insurance companies, brokers, and agents, with their need to get to market to achieve all their objectives.

Our leadership and expertise are at the cutting-edge of the insurance industry by supporting the crucial requirements of boards and executives to guide; meet compliance requirements; protect assets, and achieve performance goals. Our professionals combine business and technical acumen to help Insurers, reinsurers, captives, brokers, investors, regulators, corporations and their legal and business advisors address complex strategic and tactical issues.