Human Capital Consulting

Boston National also offers professional service for Human capital consultancy in placing exceptional talent in functional roles with companies. Launched in 1988, we’ve built an unbeatable track record of identifying and setting leading expertise in different organizations. We work across industries, and we have successfully partnered with clients in the following sectors; Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Energy, Legal, Insurance, Education, Consulting, Research, Think-Tanks, Advocacy, Government Contracting and many others.


We aim to discover advanced candidates and align them with our progressive clients. We exist to fructify the quality of life for our candidates and also improve organizational performance for our clients. A byproduct of our work is ensuring that both our candidates and clients realize an experience – guided by honesty, sincerity, and thoughtful perspectives.


At Boston National Services, diversity is an open conversation. It’s a way of life. We embrace differences. Our dedication to diversity can be seen in our operating policies, in the selection of our progressive clients. We celebrate each of the significant diversity distinctions; Age, Gender, Physical Impairment, Racial and Cultural, Religious, Sexual Orientation, Socioeconomic and Class, Thought and Opinion.

To find exceptional talent for our clients, it’s essential that we hire the best and the brightest recruiting professionals. We define the best as those who have achieved unparalleled success at recruiting leading professionals, those who have amassed a sizable network of advanced candidates, and those with an exceptional ability to assess people and discern the gifts of candidates.

We cooperate with our clients to put structured programs in place in creating an HR strategy that can integrate with both the business strategy and the human capital strategy to support business outcomes while delivering high-value talent and HR services that drive an improved employee and manager experience.

Boston National Service design and implement an HR operating model capable of delivering talent and HR services efficiently on a global scale to support the critical needs of every business. We drive leading practices and operational excellence across expertise and HR processes by aligning those processes to the HR operating model and the underlying HR technology architecture.

Ultimately, Boston National improves her clients’ Human capital capabilities and their ability to deliver predictably, and at the same time, we help the organization to become better with the business goals.