Financial Solutions

Boston National Services provides a complete range of business solutions for clients operating in Massachusetts and national markets. Drawing on more than 30 years of high qualitative experience, we enable our clients to meet their strategic goals, whether that means reducing costs, supporting expansion, increasing revenues or improving customer satisfaction.

We are a full-service benefits company that optimizes business performance through proven Finance and accounting outsourcing solutions. We enable companies to gain a competitive edge through our unique client engagement model, innovative solutions, the quality of service delivery teams and a steadfast focus on delivering value at every stage of the customer experience. We offer bespoke services to meet and exceed the specific needs of every client.  We offer a comprehensive range of solutions on both a customized and one-to-many basis, spanning from risk management, invoicing and payment processing, to collections, as well as fully integrated Finance & Accounting BPO. Boston National is flexibly structured to address multiple relationship types for business-to-business, business-to-consumer and peer-to-peer in both traditional and online environments.

However, Boston National knows that one size doesn’t fit all. Each company, each business, has exclusive technology demands and global needs. To meet and exceed these needs, at Boston National we position local management in our sites to provide our clients with the best of both global expertise and local knowledge.

Our risk management solutions help you to manage credit risk and prevent fraud while ensuring a customer-friendly experience that boosts customer value. When leading customers, it is important to identify opportunities and threats. High-risk customers should not be developed at all or only with proper discretion. Our invoice and financial solutions streamline all economic aspects of ordering – freeing you to concentrate on your customer relationships. We ensure your cash flow with riskless yet customer-friendly payment process through fraud detection solutions. We aim to guarantee that you get the highest possible conversion rate.