Expense Management

Boston National is a full-service benefits company that offers impeccable service delivery as an integrated spend management solution system that can integrate with any existing accounting or ERP system. With Modules that can stand alone or combine with others. Boston National Services automates expense management, including transaction entry, approvals, audit, and reporting. It ensures that your employees use preferred vendors and follow policy. Comprehensive real-time reporting and analysis that lets you make better, faster budget and spending decisions.

With over thirty years’ experience in providing solutions in the employee-incurred expenses space, we know the importance of managing expense claims and commercial card spend efficiently, acc

urately and promptly. Understanding the needs of our customers has enabled us to develop a comprehensive service offering to address the challenges. We provide a broad range of both technological and administrative solutions to allow our customers to choose the service components that will meet their particular requirements.

While compliance, risk management, and staffing will continue to challenge organizations in a different sector, a capable expense management solution can help companies conquer the complexities so that company leaders and employees alike can focus on driving revenue. Our combination of operational expertise and technology will provide a seamless managed services offering.

Do you desire expense management services that integrate into the way your business operates? Your answers now beckon at you with Boston National Services; we provide flexible auditing of expense reports based on random percentage, amount, category, department and other parameters. Your users can do audits before payment or after payment, or both. We ensure the protection of your organization from avoidable errors and fraud in ways that suit your unique business objectives. Administrators would be able to manage users, privileges, and reporting, establish role-based access and add a wide variety of other business rules.