Employment Screening

In the current security-conscious market, job analysis has never been a more critical aspect of the hiring process. As the necessity for quality workers expands, the need to legitimately assess candidates turns out to be more essential.

Boston National services understand that it is more definitive for businesses to execute pre-employment screening, likewise for background checks for current employees. Numerous employers don’t know about the risk related to deficient employment screening strategies. We understand how essential the employment procedure is for every company, because, the next individual you employ could be the explanation for your organization’s prosperity or disappointment. That is the reason why Boston National Services is devoted to proffer solution with convenient, exact and effective background checks to enable you to make those essential hiring choices. Since our start in 1988, we have assisted hundreds of organizations in Massachusetts with their pre-employment screening. We have a strong reputation for our ethical conduct, personalized service and attention to detail that sets us apart from our competitors.

For professionalism, experience and dependability look no further than Boston National Services. Our service offering ensures a reduction in overall background screening times, costs, and duplication of efforts; we curtail confusions and hassle, increase effectiveness and accuracy. With the use of active technological systems, we guarantee ease in Employee Screening and Applicant Tracking processes to improve efficiency, accuracy, and visibility.


Our standardised interfaces are tailored to meet most client and domain requirements. Additionally, we are equipped with the proper technical expertise to work with your team – to curate/ build custom integrations. Our Background Checks aligned flawlessly with in-effect federal and state regulations surrounding background checks, our tailor-made screening programs offer significant automation, detailed, graspable insights, easy to monitor metrics and analytics and convenient engagement.

Let Boston National Services provide you an analysis of possible employees by customizing a job screening process that best fits your requirements. We are equipped with a wealth of experience to help you reduce your hiring risks.