Administration of COBRA

Boston National provides real time, flexible systems to clients for the administration of COBRA. Our fully up to date, state of the art systems allow analysis of claims and associated costs for clients of any size. The systems are customized to be flexible, improve efficiency and reduce liability risks while being user friendly, allowing access to all employee records including: summaries of benefits, enrollment, analysis data and premium information. This allows management to better track terminated employees, collect premiums and to remain fully compliant. Because Boston National maintains real time updated information, you as a client can be assured that your needs are met and that you have minimized your liability risks to the lowest possible level while gaining the benefit of increased HR efficiency.

We understand that every company has its own mission, and specific requirements, and we take pride in assisting our clients well beyond what is expected in order to help them achieve their goals…. and we have been doing it successfully for decades.

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